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Cut to: INT. Ted's Bio - Day

Ted Leonard is an American film and television director. With an entertainment career spanning more than 25 years, working as a director, AD, producer, writer, and even actor, Ted has a deep understanding of every aspect of production. As both a director and first area AD member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), Ted offers a valuable combination of creative storytelling and solid production management. He is a DGA committee chairman and a director delegate selection for the guild's 2019  national convention. As of 2019, Ted has worked on over 60 TV and film titles and has directed more than 70 episodes of nationally-airing dramatic programming.

Ted started his film career as a production assistant on the sets of major productions, such as Jerry Maguire, and CBS’s long running Nash Bridges. Ted applied and was accepted to the prestigious DGA Trainee program, where he had unparalleled exposure to the fundamentals of production from the industry’s top professionals. As a trainee, Ted honed his skills on The X Files, Melrose Place, Star Trek Voyager and other top-tier productions.

In addition to directing, Ted is a DGA Assistant Director. As part of the creative team, he directly influences the outcome of the day’s shoot. Ted's storied immersed style of directing extras is now known in Hollywood as "Ted Leonard Background". Working closely with directors such as Woody Allen, Tate Taylor, Michael Morris, and Jessica Yu has exposed him to different schools of thought and creative approaches. These experiences have provided valuable insight that can only be acquired on the job. Over the past decade, Ted has been a part of the AD team on Blue Jasmine, Big Eyes, Get On Up, and the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, The OA  and Tales of the City.

During this time, Ted has also directed several seasons of multiple true crime series for A&E, BIO and Discovery’s ID Network including I (Almost) Got Away With It, Wives With Knives, I Solved a Murder, Blood Relatives, and Murder Among Friends.

Ted’s most recent personal project, a short film entitled The Hall, is currently being submitted to film festivals nationwide.

Ted is currently welcoming opportunities to direct features and episodic television.


List of credits

All 231 of Ted's film & TV credits for your reading pleasure... Enjoy!


The Hall (Short) 


Murder Among Friends (TV Series) (2 episodes) 

Band of Brothers (2017)

Date with Dystiny (2017) ... (2016)

Blood Relatives (TV Series) (8 episodes) 

Children of the Scorn (2016)

Darkness Before Don (2016)

Axe to Grind (2016)

Rocking the Cradle (2016)

All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go (2016)

Death Is in the Heir (2016)

Mommy Dearest (2016)

Rotten to the Core (2016)

I (Almost) Got Away with It (TV Series documentary) (20 episodes) 

Got to Get Out of Debt (2016)

Got to Get Home to Mother (2016)

Got to Taunt the Cops (2016)

Got a Handsome Face (2016)

Got to Be MacGuyver (2014)

Got to Watch Those Country Girls (2014)

Got to Be Bonnie and Clyde (2013)

Got to Escape Through a Toilet (2013)

Got to Take Down My Ex-Boyfriend (2012)

Got to Make It in the Big Easy (2012)

Got to Run to Costa Rica (2012)

Got to Build a Meth Lab (2012)

Got to Murder My Own Family (2012)

Got to Hide Out in Suburbia (2012)

Got to Pretend I'm a Priest (2011)

Got to Escape from the Rock (2011)

Got to Make a Dummy Out of Sheets (2011)

Got to Copy Movies (2011)

Got to Wear a Pink Shirt (2011)

Got Shot in the Leg (2011)

Wives with Knives (TV Series) (11 episodes) 

Addicted to Love (2016)

Family Ties (2016)

The Quiet Storm (2016)

Romance on the Open Road (2015)

Army of Lovers (2015)

Mama's Little Princess (2015)

The 26 Year War (2014)

The Politics of Love (2014)

When a Biker Comes to Bible Study (2014)

The Serial Playboy (2013)

Dangerous Devotion (2013)

Sex Sent Me to the Slammer (TV Series) (4 episodes) 

Honky-Tonk Hanky-Panky/Ticking Clock (2015)

DUI Love You (2015)

Elevator Shaft

Navy Squeals

The Day I Almost Died (TV Series) (5 episodes) 

Dark Places (2015)

Limb for Limb (2015)

Hard Lessons (2015)

Shafted (2015)

Don't Try This at Home

The Big Apartment (TV Series) (1 episode) 

Welcome to the Neighborhood (2015)

I (Almost) Got Away with It: What Would Kenda Do? (TV Series) (5 episodes) 

Crystal Meth, Crystal Death (2014)

Tourist Terror (2014)

Killin' Time (2014)

Eye of the Storm (2014)

Commander & Thief (2014)

Unusual Suspects (TV Series) (2 episodes) 

Death Comes Calling (2014) ... 

Hometown Homicide (2014) ... 

I Solved a Murder (TV Series) (1 episode) 

Melinda Elkins (2013)

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (TV Series) (1 episode) 

Episode #1.1 (2013)

Monstresses (TV Series) (1 episode) 

Belflower & Taliano (2013)

I Faked My Own Death (TV Series) (2 episodes) 

For Love and Money (2011)

Framed and Fraud (2011)

Assistant Director

Outlaw: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur (TV Series documentary) (first assistant director - 1 episode) (post-production)

Part One ... (first assistant director)

Clickbait (TV Mini-Series) (assistant director - 8 episodes) (post-production)

Episode #1.8 (2021) ... (assistant director)

Episode #1.7 (2021) ... (assistant director)

Episode #1.2 (2021) ... (assistant director)

Episode #1.6 (2021) ... (assistant director)

Episode #1.4 (2021) ... (assistant director)

Episode #1.5 (2021) ... (assistant director)

Sophie (2021) ... (assistant director)

Episode #1.1 (2021) ... (assistant director)

 Alive (II) (TV Movie) (second assistant director: San Francisco) (completed)

 2021Free Byrd (first assistant director) (completed)

WandaVision (TV Mini-Series) (second second assistant director - 6 episodes)

All-New Halloween Spooktacular! (2021) ... (second second assistant director: second unit)

On a Very Special Episode... (2021) ... (second second assistant director: second unit)

We Interrupt This Program (2021) ... (second second assistant director: second unit)

Now in Color (2021) ... (second second assistant director: second unit)

Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience (2021) ... (second second assistant director: second unit, Los Angeles)

Don't Touch That Dial (2021) ... (second second assistant director: second unit)

 Centurion XII (second second assistant director)

 13 Reasons Why (TV Series) (2nd 2nd AD - 8 episodes, 2018) (second second assistant director - 6 episodes, 2017 - 2018) (additional second assistant director - 1 episode, 2020)

Winter Break (2020) ... (additional second assistant director - uncredited)

Bye (2018) ... (second second assistant director)

The Box of Polaroids (2018) ... (second second assistant director)

Bryce and Chloe (2018) ... (second second assistant director)

Smile, Bitches (2018) ... (second second assistant director)

The Missing Page (2018) ... (second second assistant director - as Ted Leonard)

The Little Girl (2018) ... (2nd 2nd AD)

The Third Polaroid (2018) ... (2nd 2nd AD)

The Smile at the End of the Dock (2018) ... (2nd 2nd AD)

The Chalk Machine (2018) ... (2nd 2nd AD)

The Second Polaroid (2018) ... (2nd 2nd AD - uncredited)

The Drunk Slut (2018) ... (2nd 2nd AD - uncredited)

Two Girls Kissing (2018) ... (2nd 2nd AD - uncredited)

The First Polaroid (2018) ... (2nd 2nd AD - uncredited)

Tape 6, Side B (2017) ... (second second assistant director: second unit - uncredited)

 2020All Day and a Night (second second assistant director)

 2019Truth Be Told (TV Series) (second assistant director - 1 episode)

Monster (2019) ... (second assistant director: SF Unit)

 2019Jexi (second assistant director: 2nd unit)

 2019Tales of the City (TV Series) (second second assistant director - 10 episodes)

Three of Cups (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

Rainbow Warriors (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

Days of Small Surrenders (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

Next Level Sh*t (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

A Touch o' Butch (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

Not Today, Satan (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

The Price of Oil (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

Happy, Now? (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

She Messy (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

Coming Home (2019) ... (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

 The OA (TV Series) (additional second assistant director - 3 episodes, 2019) (second second assistant director - 3 episodes, 2019)

Nina Azarova (2019) ... (additional second assistant director) / (second second assistant director: second unit)

Overview (2019) ... (additional second assistant director) / (second second assistant director: second unit)

SYZYGY (2019) ... (additional second assistant director) / (second second assistant director: second unit)

 2018Guitar Man (second assistant director)

 2018/IBeautiful Boy (second assistant director: San Francisco Marine Unit)

 2017Budding Prospects (TV Movie) (additional second assistant director)

 2016/IUnleashed (first assistant director) / (second second assistant director)

 2014/IBig Eyes (second second assistant director: San Francisco)

 2014Get on Up (second second assistant director)

 2014Looking (TV Series) (second second assistant director - 1 episode)

Looking for Now (2014) ... (second second assistant director)

 2013Blue Jasmine (second second assistant director)

 I (Almost) Got Away with It (TV Series documentary) (first assistant director - 8 episodes, 2011) (assistant director - 1 episode, 2011) (second unit assistant director - 1 episode, 2011)

Got to Pose as a Firefighter (2011) ... (first assistant director)

Got to Hide in a Swamp (2011) ... (first assistant director)

Got a Boyfriend to Support (2011) ... (first assistant director)

Got Caught in a Love Triangle (2011) ... (first assistant director)

Got to Run With My Buddy (2011) ... (first assistant director)

Got a Pen Pal (2011) ... (first assistant director)

Got a Bad Temper (2011) ... (first assistant director)

Got That Tough Girl Look (2011) ... (assistant director)

Got a Country Legend's Tour Bus (2011) ... (first assistant director)

Got Ninth Place at Poker (2011) ... (second unit assistant director)

 2011Cuff Me If You Can (TV Series) (first assistant director - 3 episodes)

The Duke of Marion County: Jamey Harris (2011) ... (first assistant director)

Cross-Country Con Man: William Hawley (2011) ... (first assistant director)

No Life of the Party: Thomas Lollis (2011) ... (first assistant director)

 2006Single Minded (TV Series) (first assistant director)

 2000Little Nicky (dga trainee)

 1999Snoops (TV Series) (dga trainee - 11 episodes)

The Stolen Diskette (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Swan Chant (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Blood Lines (1999) ... (dga trainee)

A Criminal Mind (1999) ... (dga trainee)

The Grinch (1999) ... (dga trainee)

True Believers (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Constitutions (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Separation Anxiety (1999) ... (dga trainee)

The Heartless Bitch (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Higher Calling (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Bedfellas (1999) ... (dga trainee)

 1999Star Trek: Voyager (TV Series) (dga trainee - 8 episodes)

The Voyager Conspiracy (1999) ... (dga trainee)

One Small Step (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Dragon's Teeth (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Riddles (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Alice (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Barge Of The Dead (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Survival Instinct (1999) ... (dga trainee)

 1999The Pretender (TV Series) (dga trainee - 5 episodes)

Qallupilluit (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Donoterase: Part 2 (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Donoterase: Part 1 (1999) ... (dga trainee)

End Game (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Wake Up (1999) ... (dga trainee)

 1999Melrose Place (TV Series) (dga trainee - 12 episodes)

Bitter Homes and Guardians (1999) ... (dga trainee)

The Daughterboy (1999) ... (dga trainee)

McBride's Head Revisited (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Ryan's Choice (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Unpleasantville (1999) ... (dga trainee)

How Amanda Got Her Groove Back (1999) ... (dga trainee)

They Shoot Blanks, Don't They? (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Saving Ryan's Privates (1999) ... (dga trainee)

The Younger Son Also Rises (1999) ... (dga trainee)

A Fist Full of Secrets (1999) ... (dga trainee)

I Married a Jock Murderer (1999) ... (dga trainee)

The Kyle High Club (1999) ... (dga trainee)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (TV Series) (dga trainee - 11 episodes)

Christmas Amnesia (1998) ... (dga trainee)

Sabrina and the Beast (1998) ... (dga trainee)

Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby (1998) ... (dga trainee)

And the Sabrina Goes to... (1998) ... (dga trainee)

You Bet Your Family (1998) ... (dga trainee)

Good Will Haunting (1998) ... (dga trainee)

Pancake Madness (1998) ... (dga trainee)

The Pom Pom Incident (1998) ... (dga trainee)

Suspicious Minds (1998) ... (dga trainee)

Boy Was My Face Red (1998) ... (dga trainee)

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener (1998) ... (dga trainee)

 1998The X-Files (TV Series) (dga trainee - 5 episodes)

Dreamland II (1998) ... (dga trainee - uncredited)

Dreamland (1998) ... (dga trainee - uncredited)

Triangle (1998) ... (dga trainee - uncredited)

Drive (1998) ... (dga trainee - uncredited)

The Beginning (1998) ... (dga trainee - uncredited)

AD Staff Assistant

Parenthood (TV Series) (set production assistant - 1 episode) 

Pilot (2010) ... (set production assistant)

The Heartbreak Kid (production assistant: San Francisco) 

The Pursuit of Happyness (production assistant) 

Memoirs of a Geisha (key set assistant - uncredited) 

Friday Night Lights (key set production assistant) 

The Matrix Revolutions (set production assistant) 

Hollywood Homicide (production assistant - uncredited) 

The Italian Job (production assistant) 

The Matrix Reloaded (set production assistant) 

8 Mile (production assistant - as Ted J. Leonard) 

The Sum of All Fears (production assistant) 

3000 Miles to Graceland (set production assistant) 

The Other Sister (set production assistant) 

Jack Frost (set production assistant) 

Nash Bridges (TV Series) (set production assistant - 11 episodes) 

Sacraments (1998) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Special Delivery (1998) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Danger Zone (1998) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Live Shot (1998) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Bombshell (1997) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Most Wanted (1997) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Revelations (1997) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Ripcord (1997) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Blackout (1997) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Shake, Rattle & Roll (1997) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Payback (1997) ... (set production assistant - uncredited)

Under Wraps (TV Movie) (key set production assistant - as Teddy Leonard) 

Jerry Maguire (production assistant ) 

The Siege at Ruby Ridge (TV Movie) (set production assistant) 

Hijacked: Flight 285 (TV Movie) (production assistant) 

Stolen Innocence (TV Movie) (set production assistant) 

Bushwhacked (office production assistant) 



Ted Leonard


Ted Leonard is an award-winning Director, Writer, Producer, AD, and Actor. His entertainment career spans more than 20 years, and as of 2018, Ted has directed more than 70 episodes of nationally airing dramatic and comedy programming.  Having risen through the ranks as a PA, DGA Trainee, Assistant Director, Producer and Director, he has been involved with some of the best known productions of the past two decades. His credits include national crime dramas such as I (Almost) Got Away With It and Wives With Knives, features such as Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine, Tim Burton's Big Eyes, Tate Taylor's Get On Up, and the Netflix hit series 13 Reasons Why.


Steve Condiotti

Director of Photography

Emmy Award winning Director of Photography Steve Condiotti brings along a unique sensibility that comes from involvement in all aspects of cinematography and motion picture lighting. He's photographed numerous commercial spots, hi-tech corporate productions, documentaries, shorts and music films, as well as working on photographic visual effects units and media projections.
His prior experience as chief lighting technician/gaffer on feature films and television has given him the opportunity to work along side such acclaimed directors as; Woody Allen, Gus Van Sant, Phillip Kaufman, Tim Burton, and the Wachowski's, among others. But he's also shot and logged many miles of footage (and many hard drives) working on fast paced doc-style productions, so he's been around projects big and small, everything in between, and comfortable with all of it. Many docs and short films he's shot have appeared at esteemed film festivals including Sundance, Mill Valley, and the San Francisco International Film Festival.
As a Director of Photography, he's travelled extensively, becoming comfortable working with international productions, and shooting in most major American cities. With this versatile and diverse experience, he's developed his own style, combining being patient, elegant, efficient, cheerful, and flexible. Most significantly, he's still dedicated to the craft, and still really enjoying the work.


Adam G. Simon


Adam Gregory Simon is an American actor and writer. In addition to writing this story, Simon is the writer of Man Down, a post-apocalyptic thriller which stars Shia LaBeouf, Kate Mara, Gary Oldman, Jai Courtney and Clifton Collins, Jr. In 2018 Adam announced his latest feature “The Raid” was going into production, co-written and Directed by Joe Carnahan. Recently he penned the action film "Point Blank" which is currently playing on Netflix. Adam plays the role of Michael.

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