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DGA - SFCC Elects Ted Leonard Vice Chair

SFCC Elects New Officers & Executive CommitteeSFCC Elections.

At the June 2018 meeting, the DGA San Francisco Coordinating Committee (SFCC) members re-elected 2nd AD John M. Morse to continue serving as Committee Chair. Director Ted Leonard and 2nd AD Mike Doto were newly elected to the respective posts of Vice Chair and Secretary, and 2nd AD Jerremy Stewart was re-elected to continue as serving as Treasurer. Members of the SFCC Executive Committee were previously elected at the SFCC Annual Membership Meeting in May 2018 and completed at the June Committee meeting.

Newly elected at the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting and the June SFCC Meeting: Jennifer Brown, Rachel Caproni, Ted Leonard (new Vice Chair), Lindsay Moorhead and Jerremy Stewart (current Treasurer).

Continuing to Serve through 2019: Mike Doto (new Secretary), Michael Jones, Amyn Kaderali , John Morse (current Chair) and Jani Vournas. 

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