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Visual Storytelling: Editing Tips and Tricks from a Director's POV

On October 13, DGA members gathered at San Francisco’s Intrepid Studios to learn more about the art of putting a film together via the editing process. Hosted by the DGA San Francisco Coordinating Committee (SFCC), Visual Storytelling: Editing Tips and Tricks from a Director’s POV featured Director Ted Leonard and Director/Editor Robert Dalva in a special seminar focused on getting the most out of a Director’s relationship with their Editor.

Following a screening of Leonard’s short film, The Hall, he and Dalva discussed how they worked together to realize his vision. They also covered topics such as how to prepare for the editing process in pre-production and how Assistant Directors can set backgrounds to minimize problems in post.

In addition to The Hall, Leonard’s directorial credits include episodes of the television series Murder Among Friends, Wives with Knives and Blood Relatives. A DGA member since 2012, he also serves as a member of the SFCC Executive Committee.

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